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Jun 28, 2017
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Living up to its name in a major way, this DisruptHR talk’s title “Why Leader Should Play Favourites” is about as contrarian as it gets.

If HR offers advice at all to managers, it’s”Don’t play favorites.” Yet here’s Jane Helbrecht, a partner at Acuity HR Solutions, advising an audience of HR and business professionals in Winnipeg, Manitoba why that’s all wrong.

“I believe, that as a leader, if from time to time you’re not playing favorites, you’re missing a really big opportunity,” she insists.

In her 5 minutes on the stage, Helbrecht makes a compelling case why managers should focus their time on the most productive, superstar employees.

“Talent and commitment are multipliers. The more time we invest in talent and commitment, the more return on investment we get from that individual, but also from the rest of the team,”she explains.

Because it’s important for a manager to always work to improve the quality of their team, Helbrecht offers a 10-80-10 approach, that will raise the performance of the 80% of workers in the direction of the top.

This article is part of a series about Videos.
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