You Need to Stop Hiring Only Elk; Hire Some Wolves

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Jun 14, 2017
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From wolves in Yellowstone to wolves in your company, Ryan Porte insists they are critical to a healthy ecosystem.

“We all want out rivers to flow faster and deeper. We want more productivity, better culture, better people. The way you do that is you hire a little bit of elk and you welcome wolves to the workplace,” the founder and CEO of Going 180 Media told a Toronto DisruptHR audience.

What he was talking about was the requirements inflation so prevalent for entry-level jobs. So many job postings list a college degree as a requirement. Yet, Porte says, “There’s no correlation between past education success and future employment success.” That’s why a growing number of companies — large ones like EY — are eliminating the requirement at the entry-level.

In his 5 minutes, Porte describes what happened in Yellowstone when wolves were eliminated, and the difference bringing them back made to the park’s health. The same thing can happen to your company when you hire not on academic record, but on skills, motivation and other characteristics

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This article is part of a series called Videos.