Austin in February? If So, Then You Must be Going to TLNT Transform

© Brandon Seidel -
© Brandon Seidel -

Last week, when I blogged here about why you (or your team) should enter the Most Effective Leadership Practices Competition, I casually mentioned that the winners would be recognized at the annual TLNT Transform conference held in Austin, Texas in February 2012.

Some of you read that and asked a reasonable question: What’s TLNT Transform?

Well, TLNT Transform is “a two-day HR conference that will change the way you think about the HR profession — and give you the tools you need to transform your HR organization,” as we described it on the Transform website.

The Transform conference has been designed to prepare you for the challenges and changes you’ll be facing tomorrow and beyond, not just about what you should be doing in the here and now.

We’re holding it someplace a little warm in the south just in case you live someplace a bit cold in the north, because late February is a time of year when those in the north are getting a little tired of the temperature. Yes, TLNT Transform will be held at the Palmer Special Events Center in Austin, Texas from February 26-28, 2012.

There’s a list of the great speakers who will be presenting as well as the conference agenda available on the Transform website, but take it from me that we’ve put together quite a lineup of the best and brightest in talent management and HR. I’m talking about people such as:

  • Libby Sartain, who led significant business transformation initiatives as Chief Human Resource Officer at both Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines.
  • Training and development whiz Jim Knight, who heads the School of Hard Rocks as Senior Director of Training at Hard Rock International. He’ll make it clear just How to Build a Team of Rock Stars.
  • Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt, the Talent Anarchy guys, who will talk about “When Talent Isn’t Enough: Social Capital and the Future of HR,” and,
  • Margaret Morford of  The HR Edge, who will get your juices flowing when she tells you about how HR Fiddles While Organizations Burn.
The Texas State Capitol in Austin.
The Texas State Capitol in Austin.

Plus, there will be sessions from many of the smart thinkers you read here regularly at TLNT: Tim Sackett, Jennifer Benz, Mel Kleiman, Ann Bares, Eric Meyer, and Fran Melmed, to name a few. Plus, popular TLNT contributor Ron Thomas, who led the talent management team as VP Human Resources/OD at Martha Stewart Living, will keep both attendees and speakers engaged during Transform in his role as our conference chair.

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There are a lot more speakers and talent who will be at Transform, of course, so this is just a sample to let you know just why you need to attend. Plus, you can receive PHR/SPHR/GPHR certification credits from the HR Certification Institute, so attending Transform can help you with that, too.

And just to help make your decision a little easier, we’re offering a special $600 discount for TLNT readers if you sign-up for the Transform conference by September 30. How can you go wrong with that?

In case I wasn’t clear about it, keep this in mind: Transform is for talent managers and HR leaders who are looking for cutting-edge insights and best practices from innovative and forward-thinking companies. If that is you, you can’t afford not to be in Austin in February, can you?

We’re transforming HR and talent management conferences with TLNT Transform, and that’s why you MUST join us in Austin next February for TLNT Transform.

John Hollon is managing editor of Fuel50, an AI Opportunity Marketplace solution that delivers internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling. He's also the former founding editor of TLNT and a frequent contributor to ERE and the Fistful of Talent blog.