Patrick Petitti is the co-founder and CEO of Catalant, a technology platform and program that enables companies to access the skills and expertise they need to get mission critical work done faster.

Catalant’s human capital solution connects top independent professionals with enterprises to tackle projects flexibly, quickly and efficiently. Catalant has built a global network of more than 27,000 boutique consulting firms, custom teams, and independent experts, as well as best-in-class software tools for engaging and managing this market. Based in Boston, Catalant serves thousands of clients, including Fortune 1000 companies like GE, Pfizer and Staples, as well as countless others on a confidential basis.

Prior to founding Catalant, Petitti was a consultant at negotiation and conflict management consulting firm Vantage partners, and before that at Booz Allen Hamilton. Petitti received his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA from the Harvard Business School. He is a Bostonian born and raised.

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