Rob Cahill is co-founder and CEO of Jhana. He founded Jhana in 2011 after personally experiencing how proper management can make or break retention and help reach company goals. Rob's mission is to provide effective and relatable management training that is available around the clock. Today, Jhana's clients have grown to many Fortune 1000's including AOL, Orbitz, CARFAX, Career Builder and Groupon. Rob was previously at Sunrun as chief of staff to the founder, helping the company scale from 20 to more than 200 employees. Previously, he was a consultant at McKinsey and Company focused on operations and strategy, including working on education strategy with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Rob was one of the founding team members and three-year captain of Revolver Ultimate, the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team that has won three world championships and three national championships

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