Dr. Schoenfelder is an authority on psychological profiling, talent management, applied research, and organizational consulting. He brings to bear extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of human capital issues such as leadership emergence and effectiveness; organizational development and climate shaping; sales dynamics and effectiveness; as well as performance in professional (MLB, NBA, NHL) and NCAA D1 sports.

In his role as Principal Scientist and Head of Academic Research & Partnerships at Caliper, Dr. Schoenfelder manages a robust research and thought leadership program designed to advance scientific knowledge in the industrial/organizational psychology, HRM, and HCM disciplines. He also works to close the academic-practitioner gap in 3 broad areas: 1) providing human resource and other business professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to be highly effective in interpreting and applying scientific findings; 2) bringing to bear early career development, pedagogical support, and professional credentialing using industry-standard talent management tools for both undergrad and graduate programs; and 3) driving basic-applied research partnerships between tier 1 institutions and business organizations.

Dr. Schoenfelder holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Temple University. He has written articles and has spoken at numerous scientific and professional conferences on various psychometric, organizational development, and I/O-related topics. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, The Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, the Academy of Management, the Society of Human Resource Management, and The International Society for Performance Improvement. 

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