Here are the 30 top articles published by TLNT between December 1, 2016 and November 30, 2017. The selection of articles was based on the number of social shares each received from clicks recorded on the TLNT site during the year.

Rank Article Author
1 Stop Hiring for Cultural Fit and Start Hiring For Cultural Fitness Gustavo Razzetti
2 Indeed’s Unlimited PTO Is a Win For Everyone Paul Wolfe
3 Here’s What to do When You Can’t Ask About Salary Liz Ryan
4 Google Announces New Jobs Search, Google For Jobs John Zappe
5 Here’s What Happened When Deloitte Dumped the Annual Review Kathleen Christensen
6 The War for Talent Is About to Go Nuclear. Here’s Why and What You Can Do Andrew Graft
7 What the CEO Wants From HR But Isn’t Getting John Schwarz
8 Moving Past Culture Fit to “Culture Add” Jody Ordioni
9 5 Talent Management Trends That Are Changing HR Marc Effron
10 Your Millennials Are Your Canaries David Lee
11 How You Treat Rejected Candidates Can Have A Big Impact Debbie Lamb
12 The First 4 Steps to Creating a Great Company Culture Brad Wolff
13 The Hiring Secrets of Top CEOs Yana Yelina
14 How Emotionally Intelligent Is Your Culture? Georgina Mahony
15 It’s a Mistake to Overlook Overqualified Candidates Charles Coy
16 5 Signs of a Terrible Manager Stuart Hearn
17 Flexibility Is More Important to Employees Than Almost Anything Debbie Lamb
18 Who Cares About Employee Experience? Matthew Wride
19 The HR Skills You’ll Need In the Age of AI Ji-A Min
20 Success Comes From Strong Cultures and It Starts at the Top Ron Thomas
21 Improving Employee Engagement is Good for Recruiting Andee Harris
22 Microsoft Integrates LinkedIn With Outlook John Zappe
23 8 Reasons We Are Not Happy at Work Vicki Morris
24 5 Behaviors That Build a Company’s Culture Dr. Steve Hunt
25 21 Of the Worst Ways to Give ‘Constructive’ Feedback David Lee
26 Why Your Organization’s Purpose is Important to Your Culture Rich Berens
27 Surprise! Most People Leave Companies, Not Managers Tim Sackett
28 Is There Still a Need for HR? Steffen Maier
29 3 Factors for Improving Employee Engagement Amy Leschke-Kahle
30 Your High Performers Are Watching How You Treat Low Performers Dr. Steve Hunt