Here are the 30 top articles published by TLNT between December 1, 2017 and November 30, 2018. The selection of articles was based on the number of unique page views each received during the year.

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1 Signs That You Aced Your Job Interview – So Now You Can Relax Dr. John Sullivan
2 The World Is Full of Unicorns, But You’ll Want to Hire a Guide For the Hunt Sharon Koifman
3 What Cisco Is Doing to Develop Better Leaders and Better Teams  Francine Katsoudas
4 Understanding The Tremendous Cost Of “Doing Nothing” in HR Dr. John Sullivan
5 7 Reasons Why Your Team Can’t Work as a Team Gustavo Razzetti
6 HR is Falling Behind in the Race to Transform Michelle M. Smith
7 5 Reasons Why Working Too Many Hours Is a Bad Idea Laura Stack
8 Government Is Slowing H-1Bs By Making Greater Paperwork Requests Jamie Gilpin
9 A Great Employee Experience Makes For a Great Customer Experience Kay Lucker
10 Purpose, People and Process: The 3 P’s of Effective Performance Management Natalie Trudel
11 7 Keys to Building a World Class Onboarding Experience. Chris Williams
12 Stop Making Comp Offers Like a Car Buying Negotiation Chris Stiemert
13 3 Damaging Myths About Top Performers Stuart Hearn
14 HR, We Have A Problem: Up To 80% Of Employees Don’t Trust Us Dr. John Sullivan
15 Happy Employees Are Good For Business Damon Burton
16 How HR Can Be the Rock Star of Employee Experience Deepak R. Bharadwaj
17 Every Manager Should Have a Leadership Coach  Michelle Vitus 
Christy Tonge
18 Being Stupid Can Be Good for Your Career Michelle M. Smith
19 The Return to Work Syndrome: The Unique Challenges Women Face Reentering the Workforce Tracy Saunders
20 The Top 10 Worst Managed Programs In HR Dr. John Sullivan
21 Who Has the Highest Turnover Rates? Hint: It’s Not Retail  John Zappe
22 Here’s Your Guide to Holding Effective One-on-Ones Karlyn Borysenko
23 5 Workforce Issues You Need to Focus On This Year Eric Friedman
24 No One Works There Because You Have a Foosball Table  Christine Mellon
25 Here’s a Summary of Key Labor and Employment Laws Taking Effect In 2019 James A. Paretti, Jr.
Michael J. Lotito
26 5 Warning Signs Your Hiring Process Isn’t Ready to Fuel Company Growth Josh Tolan
27 Gamify Your Onboarding and See Retention and Engagement Improve Sreeram Sreenivasan
28 Sponsoring An H-1B? Here Are the Essentials Jamie Gilpin
29 SHRM Members Take to Twitter to Condemn Taylor’s White House Photo Op John Zappe
30 What Can We Do About an Employee Showing Signs of Mental Decline? Sofija Anderson