These are the top 25 articles published between Dec. 1, 2018 and Nov. 30, 2019.

TLNT annually publishes a list of the top articles of the past 12 months. Our selection this year was based on the combined score of social media shares and pageviews articles received.

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1 Why You Can’t Get an Interview – Explained Using Job-Search Science Data Dr. John Sullivan
2 A Coaching Culture Makes an Organization More Adaptable to Change Magdalena Nowicka Mook
3 Reduce Turnover By Fixing These 3 Mistakes John Zappe
4 Employees Want to Grow Their Career So How Are You Helping Them? Anita Bowness
5 3 Forces That Are Shaping the Future of Work Ryan Jeffery, Rich Johnson
6 Why Leaders Do the Dysfunctional Things They Do Wendy Behary, Michael D. Watkins PhD
7 Why Your Employee Turnover Is Exploding – Explained By the Numbers Dr. John Sullivan
8 The Top 12 Retention Tools That Produce Immediate Results Dr. John Sullivan
9 Three HR Trends to Watch in 2019 Cecile Alper-Leroux
10 You Only Need 3 Ingredients For a Great Workplace Jeff Lamb
11 Intellectual Humility Can Make You a Better Leader Gustavo Razzetti
12 Attracting Gen Z Will Be Like Recruiting Millennials Only Different Osnat Shostak
13 What a Difference a Workspace Can Make Desiree Carpenter
14 Autonomy Gets What Micromanaging Never Will Gustavo Razzetti
15 How to Engage Your Hires Before They Start Stuart Hearn
16 You Can’t Fix What You Refuse to See Gustavo Razzetti
17 The 3 Most Common Manager Biases Tainting Performance Management Kevin Campbell
18 The Role of Co-Workers In Creating Inclusive Cultures Lauren Park
19 Make Training Leaders Your Priority Ron Thomas
20 Listening to Your Team Doesn’t Matter If They Won’t Speak Up Stuart Hearn
21 What Are You Doing to Prevent Suicide? Dr. Mark Friedlander, Dr. Christine Moutier
22 From Paycheck to Purpose: Three Big Ideas for Purpose-Driven Culture Rich Johnson
23 HR Needs Better Skills to Step Up Career Coaching Stephanie Daniel, Pennell (Penny) Locey
24 To Manage Change, Unleash Adaptability Dr. Steve Hunt
25 Make Your Frontline Workers Feel Part of the Team Katie Evans-Reber