Human Resources

5 Signs of a Terrible Manager

When we discuss companies with a high employee turnover, we need to look at a range of factors that might be contributing to this. It might be a fault with recruitment, or perhaps the wrong employees are being hired. Maybe…

How to Deliver An Effective Onboarding Experience

Most employers consider generational differences when they design their onboarding process. These can be costly and have a huge impact on employee success, which is why they need to be effective. However, when they place new hires into generational stereotypes, they’re actually hurting onboarding processes….

To Be a Real HR Pro, Stop Caring So Much

Today’s lesson in disruptive HR is: “How To Be A Crappy HR Pro.” Our leader is Brad Lutz. president of Acuity HR Solutions. His 5 minute instructional video was filmed before a live DisruptHR audience in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the…