HR Insights

The War for Talent Is Now a Supply Chain Problem

When Cognizant, the global IT services company, realized it couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough to keep up with its needs, it started training its own. Now its program turns out data scientists in 90 days. Accenture’s recruiting teams now…

The Power of People Skills In the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a billion dollar industry and its impact can already be seen in today’s workplace. In fact, 54% of human resources (HR) executives believe these technological advancements will affect key roles in the HR organization….

HR Roundtable: How Can We Improve Feedback?

When we got together for the August Cincinnati HR Roundtable, people were excited to talk about the topic more than usual. We were going to discuss feedback. The room was full of energy because people have had different experiences with…