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Labor Department Ends 20% Rule for Tipped Workers

Last week, the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) issued a FLSA-related opinion letter of special significance to hospitality employers. FLSA2018-27 addresses the tip credit employers may take for certain types of employees under certain circumstances. This opinion letter is an…

Don’t Wait For a Lawsuit to Close Your Pay Gaps

The era of employers avoiding public consequences for disparate treatment of women and minorities in the workplace is over. Employers that neglect internal issues on gender face severe legal and reputational risk in the age of #MeToo and Time’s Up….

Retiring at 65 Is So Last Century

Have you heard about this group yet? Respectful Exits calls itself the “organized voice of aging workers,” and it aims to give voice to a group that is often forgotten (except in the most legalistic way) in the whole question of…