Flex Work

The 5-Hour Secret to Happier, Productive Workers

This series profiles people whose ideas have the power to transform the workplace. Several are company leaders who have put their ideas into practice. Others are thought leaders influencing the way we work. Each new part will post on Tuesdays….

HR and the Desk-less Revolution

Today’s top talent doesn’t place much value on the traditional workplace status symbols, like a corner office. Instead, skilled members of the modern workforce demand flexibility. According to a recent FlexJobs survey, only 7% of professionals cited their office as…

Focus On Results Not Hours In the Seat

The S&P 1500 has more CEOs named John than women CEOs. That telling statistic framed the DisruptHR talk by Tami Forman on how employers can go about “Making Space for Moms.” Despite the title, it would be a mistake to…