Employers Continue to Deprioritize Diversity Hiring

When companies care about something, they put money behind it. Now, of course, you might argue that all organizations have limited resources, and while they might care about various initiatives and goals, they can’t provide adequate funding to all of them.

And you’d be right. So let me rephrase my opening line: When companies prioritize something, they put money behind it. That includes diversity hiring, which, as talent leader Rocki Howard points out, remains largely underfunded.

In her recent ERE.net article, “A Lack of Funding for Diversity Hiring Continues to Plague Orgs,” Rocki writes that at many organizations, “the challenge is that they don’t know how and where to invest — nor how to calculate that ROI for their own business.”

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Head over to ERE.net to read Rocki’s article about why diversity hiring remains underfunded.

A Lack of Funding for Diversity Hiring Continues to Plague Orgs

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