Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting Millennials In 5 Minutes

OMG! Here’s a video that in 5 minutes will remind you about everything you should know about recruiting millennials. You’ll want to watch it a few times, stopping it to take notes, because Brittany Dykes delivers the details faster than a hiring manager at an intake meeting she didn’t want.

What will you discover — or be reminded of from what you’ve read and heard about recruiting millennials? Here, abbreviated for you, is a taste of what Dykes tells her New Orleans Disrupt HR audience:

  1. Not all millennials are the same. Those born in the ’80s are scared by the Great Recession. Those born toward the end of the generational divide in the ’90s had yet to graduate high school.
  2. Millennials have smartphones and use them for practically everything, including job search. “What that means for you,” says Dykes, “Mobile friendly applications in a mobile friendly site.” And one-click apply.
  3. “Construct job titles and job descriptions that have keywords that appeal to us.” And keywords that will turn up in quick searches.
  4. Millennial candidates will check you out and expect that you will do your homework about them. They’ve been building their brand online for years.
  5. Put your employer brand on exhibit. Millennial women are especially attracted to a company with a cause.

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