Google’s ATS Has Quickly Gained Market Share

Not even a year old and Google Hire is proving a hit with the SMB market.

Starting from scratch in July 2017, Google Hire has gained customers so fast its share of the ATS market is now larger than all but 22 of the 109 ATS vendors tracked by Ongig. That’s saying a lot when you consider it’s beating out systems that have been around for years.

If Google Hire is new to you, catch up here. Briefly, Google Hire is an ATS for employers with up to about 1,000 workers who hire maybe 5 or 10 or even 20 people a month. The cost, last Google said publicly, topped out at $12,000 a year. The only catch is that your company has to use G Suite, Google’s cloud-based business tools package.

Beginning with an effective, if bare-bones version when Hire launched, Google has been adding features like OFCCP and EEOC compliance and rapid resume review and email templates. It’s latest feature announced this month is a step-saving, click-saving integration with Gmail. What’s hot about this is that anyone doing recruiting can perform all the most important functions right from within Gmail without switching over to Hire.

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What kinds of functions you ask? Open an email click the Hire add-on and now you can do everything important. You’ll instantly see if the sender is already in the system. Not there? You can add them. Hire will parse their information, populating the candidate fields, while you assign them to a job. If they appear qualified, you can start them through your hiring process, scheduling a phone screen or interview using templated responses. And you can save time on the unqualified by clicking the “candidate rejection” link.

Here’s a video showing the Gmail integration. And if you want more detail, clicking here will take you to the more detailed demo Google gave at last fall’s HR Tech show.

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