Happening on ERE: One Black Woman’s Tale of Exclusion

Meet Nejha Mason. For decades, Nejha has embraced her role in HR and recruiting. If only HR and recruiting similarly embraced her.

In her recent TLNT article, Nejha details how she’s felt being a Black woman working in various roles in HR and talent acquisition. She recounts numerous instances of mistreatment and discrimination.

“It’s a shame, because HR and recruiting professionals are a company’s gatekeepers,” Nejha says. “They have the power to help mold their organization’s path to success. That can’t happen as long as inequities persist. And they do persist.”

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Head over to ERE to read “I’m Black, and I Don’t Feel Like I Belong in Corporate America.”

Vadim Liberman is editor TLNT and ERE.net (the devil wears TJ Maxx) — a workplace renegade advancing how we think, work, and live. He has previously worked as a strategy consultant to HR and recruiting tech companies at The Starr Conspiracy, as a talent management professional at Prudential, and as senior editor of The Conference Board Review, a magazine for business leaders. Vadim loves to talk about all things HR, talent acquisition, and Bravo TV shows. Bring it!