HR Is the New Black

“HR is the new black,” declares Erin Johnson.

What’s that, you wonder? Johnson explains: “There is no other part of any organization that can touch and impact every single person and every single function.”

Fair enough. So being the new black, it’s for HR professionals to rethink their role and reengineer how they approach their job.

“You’ve got to be fearless in your job,” Johnson told her audience at a DisruptHR meeting in Buffalo, NY last fall. “You have to go in and ask for things. You have to recommend new things. And people will think you’re crazy, and that’s OK, because that’s your job.”

The vice president of HR at Synacor, Johnson urged her peers to meet with others back in their organization. Ask questions. Learn what works; what doesn’t; what they think. “Ask they what they would do if they were in your seat.”

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Then, reeningeer it. Hear what else she had to say in this 5 minute video.