If You Aren’t Remarkable, Who Are You?

“Advertising is a tax you pay for being unremarkable.”

Randy Ross, PhD, didn’t say that. Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens did. But when Dr. Ross quoted that comment, it got a laugh — an uncomfortable one from the sound of it — during his “Choose To Be Remarkable” talk last fall at DisruptHR Atlanta.

Perhaps it was because they were all too aware of what it costs to attract talent, to build a brand, to raise engagement because their employer is not so remarkable.

But if you want remarkable results: “You have to do two things well. You have to hire remarkable people. And you have to craft a remarkable culture.”

“Culture is the values, the beliefs, and the behaviors that individuals bring to the work experience – and you WILL have a culture. The question is will it be by design … or will you have a culture by default?” asks Ross in this video.

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It actually runs 7 and a-half minutes, but it’s an inspiring and actionable 7+ minutes. And early into it, you’ll get the three questions he says “can transform the culture of your organization.”

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