Is Health Care Reform Comic Worthy?

We love innovative ways to educate. Particularly around hairy concepts like health care reform. Check out these two we’ve recently discovered.

Who understands the Accountable Care Act?

Why are these kinds of educational tools so important? As of a December Kaiser Family Foundation poll, the country remains pretty evenly split in their opinion of the law, with 41 percent having a favorable view compared to 43 percent unfavorable.

That’s been a pretty consistent split, other than a downward dip in a similar October poll when public opinion was much more negative. But the pollsters tried another tactic — explaining it. And different framing — positive and negative — significantly swayed a person’s opinion of the law.

How the polls shake out is not very relevant to you. What is relevant are employees who are clear on how the Affordable Care Act impacts the benefits you provide.

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As the October dip underscores, opinions can shift. With candidate debates, primaries and the media coverage taking top headlines, we’re likely to see lots of Americans continue to be confused. And you’re on the hook for explaining the upcoming changes to W-2s, so tools like this can help reinforce the basic framework of health care reform that you’ve already communicated.

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