Is Social Technology Behind Increasing High Performance in Organizations?

While still in the process of being readily accepted in all organizations, a large majority of organizations would answer a resounding “yes!”  Communication and collaboration are the same buzzwords you’ve been hearing about for years. Sure they sound simple enough, but in today’s rapidly changing workplace everyone is checking in from all over the world, at different times, and on all kinds of different devices.

To top it off many employees are doing this instead of physically coming to workplace and interacting. Businesses need to implement social technology, specifically social media, not just to increase brand awareness or for marketing purposes but also to allow a much more efficient and effective scenario for communication and collaboration.

Join Lance Haun, Editor of Starr Conspiracy, in an upcoming webinar, as he covers key topics such as; how organizations are adopting social tech, what social technologies can and can’t do when it comes to information exchange, and why you should evaluate your organizations use of social technology.

Date/Time of Webinar:  January 8, 2:00 pm ET

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