The Art of Making Job Descriptions Work for You

Is writing a job description just one more task that has to be checked off? Do you find yourself reduced to just putting down the basic bullets and pressing send before forgetting all about it?

You’re not alone – but you could be missing out on a great opportunity to attract better qualified talent.

A job description doesn’t need to be a list of clichés and impossible requirements. Instead, it can provide your ideal candidate with a snapshot of life inside your company and the exiting possiblities for the right hire. It can leverage and enhance your brand, building up interest even from candidates who aren’t considering a job move…yet.

In fact, a well written job description is the ultimate sourcing tool. Learning how to polish up your prose to create an attractive picture for candidates will help you stand out from the crowd and attract the talent your company wants to hire.

Join our free webinar on Thursday March 12 for a practical session on polishing up your job descriptions and attracting great talent.

This webinar, led by Jessica Max, of Mighty Max Sourcing, will cover the bigger and more nuanced aspects of writing an excellent job description, including:

  • Where the job description writing process starts;
  • Writing a compelling job description that demonstrates why candidates should want to join you;
  • Having consistent messaging without taking a “one size fits all” approach;
  • Why the process of job description writing is just as much for the recruiter as it is for the candidate;
  • Serving the HR function of describing performance duties, expectations, BQs & PQs, while also engaging your candidates
  • Using job descriptions for corporate branding.

Who should attend?

Join us on Thursday March 12 if you want proven tips and inspiration to bring more pizazz to your job descriptions.

The webinar will fill up fast. Register for free to reserve your seat now.

Can’t attend? No problem! Register for the webinar, and you’ll receive a link to view the video recording the next day.

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Date/Time: Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

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