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Love: The Next Leadership Skill

To paraphrase Jackie DeShannon, “What the business world needs now is love, sweet love.” What’s love got to do it? Exactly what Robin Anselmi explained at a DisruptHR meeting in Richmond, VA last spring. “Love makes us smarter,” she said….


It Takes a Village to Get to Mars

They walked around their workspace in shorts. The women wore cool t-shirts and jeans; men in beards, baseball caps turned backwards. The high fives and fist bumps flowed freely. If I didn’t know better, I might have guessed it was…

Organizational Leadership

Clarity: The Tool to Sculpt the Fog of Constant Change

The workplace is rapidly changing. Globalization, millennials, mergers, acquisitions, regime changes, hyper growth, massive turnover, and technology all contribute to creating a “What now?” culture in the workplace. Everyone is scrambling to ensure they aren’t left behind; all while managing…

Training, Learning & Development

3 Forces That Are Shaping the Future of Work

A significant shift is transforming today’s corporate landscape. The gig economy and technological advances are reshaping the workplace in ways that have significant ramifications for human capital and talent management. Flexible independent work provides increasingly attractive and viable career options…

Strategic HR

Don’t Be Afraid of Poor Analytics

If you’ve taken any analytics or statistics courses, you’ll have been bombarded with cautions about how analytics can go wrong. For example: Random outcomes appear meaningful to the untrained eye. Small sample sizes give misleading results. Without good control groups,…

Training, Learning & Development

HR Departments Everywhere Are Embracing Video. Are You?

Not long ago, companies viewed videos as optional tools to achieve communication objectives. They were a luxury reserved mainly for marketing departments with huge budgets. Meanwhile, learning and development departments had only canned, off-the-shelf videos to draw from. And because…

Virtual & Remote

5 Rules Every Business Needs for Digital Meetings

Efficient and organized meetings among multiple stakeholders are critical, especially as the modern workplace becomes increasingly dispersed. A 2017 report estimated that as many as 3.9 million U.S. employees worked from home at least half of the time. The increased…