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Talent Shortage

The War for Talent Is Now a Supply Chain Problem

When Cognizant, the global IT services company, realized it couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough to keep up with its needs, it started training its own. Now its program turns out data scientists in 90 days. Accenture’s recruiting teams now…

Wages, Pay, & Salary

Don’t Wait For a Lawsuit to Close Your Pay Gaps

The era of employers avoiding public consequences for disparate treatment of women and minorities in the workplace is over. Employers that neglect internal issues on gender face severe legal and reputational risk in the age of #MeToo and Time’s Up….


Retiring at 65 Is So Last Century

Have you heard about this group yet? Respectful Exits calls itself the “organized voice of aging workers,” and it aims to give voice to a group that is often forgotten (except in the most legalistic way) in the whole question of…


Are You Inviting Everyone to Dance?

“Diversity and inclusion.” As often as we hear this term, you’d think the two words are synonymous or inseparable. They are neither. What’s more, when people lump them together, they usually end up focusing on the former. The problem is,…

HR Communications

Skip the HR Jargon and Speak Business to Them

In 1884, Portuguese authors Jose da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino decided to create a guide to conversational English, even though they spoke none themselves. The result, English as She is Spoke, is still popular today thanks to the comedic value of…

Strategic HR

A Brief Guide to Data-Driven Scenario Planning

Preparing to increase headcount at a large organization is like comparing the cost of bread at different supermarkets: At your regular neighborhood store, a loaf might cost $2.28, but at a high-end store, a loaf might cost $3.98. In a…

Training, Learning & Development

3 Simple Ways to Combat the Talent Shortage

If you’re experiencing a talent shortage, you’re not alone. Manpower’s 2018 Global Talent Shortage Report found that 45% of employers globally are struggling to fill positions. As difficult as that statistic suggests, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise and…