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Retention & Engagement

Do You Know the Real Reasons Your Employees are Quitting?

Note: This article is part of an occasional series dedicated to exploring the contribution of human capital assets (people!) to the valuation of a business. Welcome to The New ROI: Return on Individuals. Previous articles in the series can be found here. ∼∼∼∼∼ 60% of the U.S workforce…


5 Steps to Improving Engagement in Meetings

The interview for that new job you’re hoping to get. The coffee date with your personal hero, and hopefully, future mentor. The make-or-break sales demo with that perfect-fit client. The last-ditch attempt to mend a broken partnership. When you are…

HR Insights

The Power of People Skills In the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a billion dollar industry and its impact can already be seen in today’s workplace. In fact, 54% of human resources (HR) executives believe these technological advancements will affect key roles in the HR organization….


Your Next Contractor Could Be a Digital Nomad

According to new estimates from MBO Partners’ 2018 State of Independence in America research, 17 million independent workers aspire to someday become digital nomads — a term referencing workers who embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel…

Wages, Pay, & Salary

Stop Making Comp Offers Like a Car Buying Negotiation

In today’s incredibly tight labor market, it’s harder than ever to attract top notch talent. The majority of candidates are interviewing with (and receiving offers) from multiple companies. Counter-offers are more common, time to hire is increasing, and offer acceptance…

Strategic HR

What EY Learned When It Started Using HR Bots

Technology has played a significant role in shaping human resources practices in the past decade. Today we are on the cusp of a new revolution in HR: The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning toward HR service delivery. In…