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Your Teams Need ‘Boxing Rings’ and ‘Campfires’

Senior leaders were asked to estimate how much “wasted time” had cost their companies. Their average answer was nearly $15.5 million! It seems that our abundance of unproductive meetings, dysfunctional workplace dynamics, bungled opportunities and mishandled people problems are cumulatively…

Performance Management

What If Everyone Had a Personal Coach at Work?

What’s better than a performance review? If you said a poke in the eye, you’d be right there with the vast majority of workers. Kris McGuigan says 4 out of 5 workers say their performance evaluations aren’t working. She didn’t…


Can You Put a Dollar Value On Your Workforce?

Note: This article is part of an occasional series dedicated to exploring the contribution of human capital assets (people!) to the valuation of a business. Welcome to The New ROI: Return on Individuals.  Here’s a story about a real company. This company provided doughnuts for…

Work-Life Balance

5 Reasons Why Working Too Many Hours Is a Bad Idea

24-year-old copywriter Mita Diran’s last Tweet, several hours before she lapsed into a coma and died. One thing most millennials figure out faster than workers of older generations is that work/life balance isn’t just important, it’s crucial. While exceptions like Miss…

Talent Acquisition

Four Ways to Turbocharge Your ATS Implementation

These days talent attraction (TA) departments are investing more and more in great technology. Rightfully so, TA teams around the world are hoping for an optimized process that builds team capacity and removes bottlenecks. But is a shiny new applicant…

Organizational Leadership

Harness These 3 Drivers to Change Your Culture

There are several approaches to changing cultural norms in an organization, however, the actual transformation comes from its people doing something unique, adopting new behaviors, changing the way they solve problems, and the way they communicate and interact with each other. To change something, we must understand the way it’s created, formed and influenced….

Strategic HR

How HR Can Build a Better Relationship With IT

In its 2018 digital workplace predictions report, Gartner notes that while IT can lead the charge during the digital workplace evolution, it will be more successful working closely with adjacent business units, particularly HR. Even though in an ideal world…


4 Steps to Recruiting With Purpose

Every business enters the battle for top talent, whether you are fighting to recruit recent grads or top senior management. It’s not easy for anyone when trends are showing widespread talent and skill shortages across generations and around the globe….

Performance Management

How to Use Data to Improve Customer Service Performance

The relationship between increased employee engagement and a company’s revenues are strong. Multiple studies, including research from Gallup, have found that the odds of success were nearly double for those workers in the “engaged” group versus the “disengaged” and the…

Talent Acquisition

The Benefits and Challenges of Using Recruiting Chatbots

Automation has completely transformed the face of recruitment. The advent of artificial intelligence is changing the process of hiring candidates. Today’s recruiting software has simplified some of the most time-consuming aspects of talent acquisition, and increasingly is incorporating analytics that…


Hiring Whys You Need to Be Able to Answer

Note: As you begin your week, here are some tips from the Humetrics blog to help you recruit and hire more effectively, and some questions to ask yourself so when you hear them from a strong prospect you’ll be ready with…