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A Plan for Building an Agile HR Function

The HR function has habitually been criticized for being sluggish and pedantic in terms of its role within an organization. Frustrations abound among disgruntled/dissatisfied employees who see the HR function as the enforcer of leadership mandates while being unable, incapable…

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) & Board (NLRB)

NLRB Says It Will Craft a New Joint-Employer Rule

Editor’s note: In December, on a 3-2 vote the NLRB overturned an earlier decision setting a new standard for when two organizations will be found to be joint employers for the purposes of being held jointly liable for actions taken…

HR Communications

Your HR Communication Needs Disrupting

Elon Musk doesn’t believe in employee communication. Well, at least not in the traditional sense of the term. In an email to his employees at Tesla, the CEO explained his expectations when it comes to the company’s flow of information….

HR Trends

The Best HR People Aren’t HR People

It wouldn’t be a DisruptHR event if what you heard was what you expected. Sometimes though, we get surprised, like when Amanda Hudson said, “When you’re done studying HR, stop learning about it altogether.” Why did she offer her Toronto…

Organizational Leadership

How to Take Corporate Values and Make Them Local

Note: This article was written and originally published in advance of Starbucks’ half-day closure last week for anti-bias training. Wasn’t there a movie called Training Day? Well, we could make another one today as Starbucks closes 8,000 stores to “train”…


Don’t Be a Clueless CEO

“Please, I need separate checks for our meal.” That caused me to look up from my menu because I had never heard that before. Our normal routine is that he pays for one lunch/dinner and the next time it is…

Training, Learning & Development

What to Look For In an E-learning System

Once a corporate training alternative, e-learning services have become the new norm. Managers appreciate the way they streamline coaching; employees like educating themselves in the most convenient way possible. It’s no wonder global e-learning has grown by more than 900% since…

Training, Learning & Development

How to Convince the C-Suite to Make Learning a Priority

For most organizations, every dollar or minute spent on the company’s dime is constantly under evaluation and fierce scrutiny. Although reskilling employees and providing career development often take a back seat to business priorities more directly tied to revenue, workplace…

Organizational Leadership

Let HOPE Build Your Culture

When it comes to the complex topic of culture, all you can do is hope. In my experience with some of the largest companies in their respective industries, hope is the flawed strategy most commonly deployed. Sometimes the strategy of “hope for…

Legal - Compliance & Policies

A ‘Green Card’ Crash Course for HR Pros

Sponsoring an employee to become a “lawful permanent resident” of the United States – i.e., to become a green card holder – can be a valuable recruiting and retention tool. Many foreign national workers crave the stability that comes with having…