Questioning Authority is a series that challenges leading thinking by talking to leading thinkers. Each volume takes a conventional concept in HR and breaks it down — if not breaks it altogether — to help you gain a new, deeper understanding of how to improve work. 

The series was originally envisioned as a book club, but we quickly realized that great ideas also come from research reports, social-media threads, movies, you name it. So throughout the series, we’ll surface insights from anywhere and everywhere. Think of Questioning Authority like a beyond-books book club. 

We hope the ideas and insights that we explore will inform, inspire, and, yes, even incite you!

Volume 1: Fixing Your Workplace Will Not Fix Your Workforce

HR always seems to be trying to fix something. That’s a good thing, because work can always be made better. But what exactly is HR fixing? Or rather, what should we be fixing?

Could it be that attempts to fix your workplace by fixing your workforce are misguided? What might it mean for your business if human resources stopped focusing on fixing humans? 


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