The AI Future for Human Resources Is Already Here

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Far from science fiction, artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of Human Resources practices. Artificial intelligence is being designed into every transactional application. No vendor conversation is without a discussion of how the technology is AI enabled.

But what’s reality and what’s just hype? How can you tell the difference? And what is the future for HR as AI applications increasingly take over so much of the work in every area from benefits and performance to recruiting, sourcing and succession?

You’ll find those answers – and more – in this essential new report from TLNT: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Human Resources.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • Why vendors are confusing you about artificial intelligence and what it really is.
  • That VC investment in AI technology is exploding and HR is among the strongest
    growth areas.
  • Talent acquisition is where AI technology is most commonly used, but expansion
    into other HR disciplines is so rapid that it now touches nearly every area.
  • Despite this tsunami-like advance, HR professionals are woefully unprepared.
    Only 14% of HR professionals claim to be fully familiar with AI and how it is used
    in human resources.

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