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To Be a Real HR Pro, Stop Caring So Much

Today’s lesson in disruptive HR is: “How To Be A Crappy HR Pro.” Our leader is Brad Lutz. president of Acuity HR Solutions. His 5 minute instructional video was filmed before a live DisruptHR audience in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the…

Let’s Talk About Sex

Did the headline catch your attention? Were you curious and yet, just a little uncomfortable? That’s a point Candice Gottlieb-Clark hints at in her DisruptHR talk, appropriately titled “Let’s Talk About Sex.” How many words do we have for sexual…

Why Aren’t More Women Disrupting Things?

Almost a year ago, well before the Google diversity manifesto made headlines, Sangita Kasturi issued a call for feminine boldness. “When we talk about disruption, we talk about being bold. We talk about being audacious. We talk about having courage….