Stop Doing This If You Want Great Managers

What is HR doing to improve the quality of managers?

Not enough, insists Rob Catalano, co-founder of Work Tango, a provider of software to measure employee engagement, obtain feedback, and help managers to be better coaches. And that’s just what his DisruptHR New York talk was about.

“We are not doing enough as HR departments to enable our managers to be successful,” Catalano told his audience. He made the point that while the nature of work has changed, the way managers are trained, hasn’t.

“In the last five decades we haven’t changed the way we actually train and enable our managers in the workplace,” Catalano said, scoffing at the usual 3-day training session, “and then we send them to the office and say, ‘Alright, you’re a wonderful manager now. Go and manage people’.”

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Instead, training has to be more frequent, he said, listing three steps HR can influence to make better managers. The first is to stop promoting people before they are ready to lead. Catalano explains this and other two in his 5 minutes on the DisruptHR stage.

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