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One View of How AI Is Impacting Career Dynamics

Professional careers have always had a tinge of uncertainty. However, the digital age has amplified it significantly with efficiency no longer being the mainstay of human excellence as advanced automation and autonomous functioning have steadily reduced the commission of errors….

The Power of People Skills In the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a billion dollar industry and its impact can already be seen in today’s workplace. In fact, 54% of human resources (HR) executives believe these technological advancements will affect key roles in the HR organization….

Don’t Fight the Robots, Embrace Them

We’ve all heard doom and gloom reports of the coming AI revolution. Some forecasters predict a very grim future indeed: Robots take over and humans find themselves unceremoniously kicked to the curb, suddenly unable to provide for themselves and their…

Is Your ATS Learning to Be Biased?

Sexism in the workplace has been an important topic this past year. The headlines abound —“Study: Women Valued for Physical Attractiveness” or “We Need More Women to Overcome the Sexist Tech Industry” — but this pervasive issue could soon be addressed, if…

How HR Will Be Different This Year

Two competing forces are impacting the world of HR this year. On the one hand, the rate of social and business changes is accelerating, resulting in an ever more complex business environment. On the other hand, employees are pushing for…