The Business Case For Improving Engagement In 15 Slides

Strong employee engagement is one of the most important assets of a successful company. Unfortunately, most businesses do not invest as much time and energy to make sure their employees are engaged. Typically, they will invest in other aspects of the business such as promotion and the brand loyalty of their customers, but overlook  their employees.

Yet there is plenty of evidence that businesses with a highly engaged workforce are more productive, have less turnover, higher profits and more satisfied customers.

Loyal and engaged employees are more willing to invest more of their time and effort to the company. On the other hand, employees who feel disengaged are less productive, which will likely affect the company’s bottom line.

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AgencyEA, a brand expert, has gathered information you need to know about the payoff of employee engagement. See how engaged employees can improve your business.

Claire Holland is director of marketing communications at agencyEA in Chicago, a brand experience agency specializing in experiential, digital and traditional engagement. She guides the strategic vision of the company’s brand, messaging and voice, while supporting and evolving campaign launches for clients. Holland also oversees agencyEA’s internal and external marketing communications, including digital marketing and public relations.