The Future Of HR Will Be Dramatically Different, So Better Plan Now

FREE WEBINAR:  Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.

You probably already know that we live in an often chaotic and highly competitive business world where there is continuous change and an increasing amount of pressure to increase your business impacts. It is a fact that CEO’s and other executives are increasingly demanding more from HR because they are finally beginning to realize the tremendous impact of our actions on overall business success.

HR is now being expected not just to catch up but to lead other business functions in being data-driven, in our use of technology, in providing the firm with a competitive advantage and in improving our contribution to making the organization faster, more adaptable and innovative.

In the future world of HR, HR leaders won’t be able to get away with simply “declaring that we are strategic,” instead, we will have to prove our strategic impact with dollars and numbers. Each of these individual changes will require HR leaders to “rethink” and redesign nearly every aspect of Talent Management. It’s important to realize that those that are not fully aware of and prepared for this dramatically different future will likely be overwhelmed by it.

So if you want a “heads up view” of the inevitable future of HR, this webinar is a “can’t miss” event. This highly interactive webinar will be presented by well-known TLNT author Dr. John Sullivan, who has a multi-decade proven track record in accurately projecting the future of HR.

Topics to be covered

This webinar is designed to highlight each of the critical areas that will change significantly in the future world of HR. These critical areas include:

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  • What are the principles that will guide HR and Talent Management in the future?
  • Who are the benchmark firms that are already leading the way?
  • Which HR programs/processes will become more important and which ones will wane?
  • How can HR first demonstrate, and then increase, its business impact?
  • How historical metrics will be replaced with a forward-looking data-driven HR model that “influences” managers with data and predictive analytics.
  • How new technologies, especially the mobile phone, will change the way that we deliver HR services to managers and employees.
  • The importance of increasing adaptiveness and learning speed to organizational success.
  • How HR can better integrate and coordinate its different Talent Management functions
  • How the speed of change will force HR to build planned obsolescence into every program
  • How building a compelling business case will become critical as HR is required to show its costs and to quantify the impact of each program in order to prove its ROI.
  • How the backgrounds and capabilities of those that work in HR are already changing

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Date/Time:  Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific

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