TLNT Webinar – Dawning of a New Era: The End of the Performance Review

The upcoming webinar, “Dawning of a New Era: The End of the Performance Review,” will feature the latest and greatest thing to happen to annual performance reviews in years! If you’re still reading after the words “annual performance review,” then this webinar is FOR YOU!

This promises to be the one webinar in 2014 to have the greatest impact on your annual review process. And it’s hosted by world famous author, Dr. Tim Baker. Join Dr. Baker in this Infor sponsored webinar and take home the following:

  • Why organizational leaders are locked into the belief system of annual or semi-annual performance reports;

  • Why those same leaders require a report yet acknowledge it is ineffective;

  • The simplicity of Dr. Baker’s method and it’s highly effective approach;

  • Witness the beginning of a groundbreaking new model that is sure to change the face of organizations worldwide;

  • And much more!

Attending this upcoming webinar is a sure fire way to guarantee that you’re not left by the wayside when this new and equally impressive model for performance reviews comes along and sweeps entire organizations off their feet.

Date/Time of Webinar: May 14, 2014 at 2 pm EST

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Sponsor: Infor