TLNT Webinars – Dawning of a New Era: The End of the Performance Review

It’s an odd predicament, organizational leaders are locked in to this belief that they need to conduct annual or bi-annual performance appraisals of their staff, but yet at the same time they recognize that this system is not working, and caught in the middle of all this absurdity is HR managers.

Please join Dr. Tim Baker, author of many titles, most recently “The End of the Performance Review: A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance,” in this one hour, Infor sponsored webinar, as he discusses what has been titled a “groundbreaking new model” for employee appraisals. HR professionals have the opportunity to be a part of a movement from a culture of appraisal to one of development, be part of the discussion by joining this webinar.

Please join Tim Baker, International cConsultant and Managing Director of WINNERS AT WORK Pty Ltd,  for a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, May 14, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time (2 Eastern).

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Sponsored by:  Infor

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