Training the Law and Order Way

Tim Hiller has a L&D technique that is plenty edgy even for a DisruptHR program: He likens planning a training session around a kind of law and order theme.

You’ll have to see the whole presentation (it only takes 5 minutes) to decide if he really means for you to do the full monty. But his criminal justice analogy does make the point. Like an arrest warrant, a summons to training from the CEO will get attendance. Rounding up the suspects and taking them to booking where their phones, tablets, Apple watches and FitBits are checked-in will help you get and keep everyone’s attention.

Of course we’ve all been through training sessions that feel like a prison sentence, which is why Hiller has a few rules for the trainers: A fixed time for the session — an hour, tops —  and no more than 25% of it is for the actual presentation.

Also like a con who gets out, “There’s learning reinforcement that needs to happen,” says  Hiller. “What do you need to do next? Well, parole.”  A/K/A follow-up. HR is the parole officer meeting twice with each employee, he recommends, to ask what they learned, how they’re using it and how they can be supported.

“Does this sound in your face,” he asks his Kalamazoo, Michigan audience of HR practitioners and trainers? “Does this sound radical? A bit scary? Out of your comfort zone?”

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If you’re nodding yes, hang on. Hiller ends with a 10 point list of benefits to following the formula. And it’s not just another set of bullet points; he adds just enough detail and support to make a compelling case for training the law & order way.

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