Treat Your Candidates As If They Were Your Customers, Because They Are

Today we bring you a DisruptHR presentation that should be from 2008 instead of 2018. It’s about the hiring experience and how, after all these years of talking, it still rankles candidates and causes great and even average talent to pass you by.

Susan LaMotte, CEO of exaqueo, entitled her Charleston, SC talk “Candidates As Consumers: A New Mindset For Hiring.” She could just as well have called it, “Is Anyone Listening?” Within seconds of taking the stage last year, LaMotte says to her audience, “The hiring process — everything we do with the candidate experience — leaves us feeling icy inside. It’s terrible and it’s designed for the employer and not for the candidate.”

Not you, you think. But when was the last time you applied for a job with your company the way you expect candidates to? How many times have you heard that advice? Yet when LaMotte puts that question to her audience, few hands go up. That explains why a talk about approaching recruiting the way marketers focus on consumers is still a ripe subject for DisruptHR.

Watch LaMotte’s presentation and what you’ll hear is how to look at your process as a consumer — a candidate — does. How you may not be able to fix everything at once, but choose “moments that matter” and improve those. How to elevate the experience by doing things as simple as personalizing communication with the candidate; you know, using their name.

She shares her checklist of areas to focus on and a few tips to make candidates feel special: Reserving a spot in the parking lot with the candidate’s name.

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Her parting words sum up what could be a mission statement for talent acquisition: “Make the process human and make it matter.”

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