Unravel Your ‘Wicked’ Problems the 4 C Way

With the Red Sox World Series win still fresh, you might be tempted to think “wicked” problems are a uniquely Boston concern.

They’re not. This DisruptHR talk, which took place in Chicago, is about dealing with problems so complex a solution is neither obvious nor simple, hence they are “wicked.” “A wicked problem,” says LaTonya Wilkins, director of talent management at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Is incomprehensible, contradictory and interdependent.”

Solving global warming was the example she used of a truly wicked problem. HR’s wicked problems — some of which, Wilkins said, were of the profession’s own making — are things like the gender pay gap and discrimination.

The bad news about wicked problems? “They can’t really be solved.”

The good news is there is a way to “unravel them,” Wilkins says. You can do that by employing what she described as “the 4 Cs”: Collaboration, Congruence, Continuity and Calculation.

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How does these help HR people work through wicked problems? Here’s a sample — watch the 5 minute video for the details:

  • “To navigate wicked problems you have to collaborate outside the organization.”
  • Test the ideas you get. “Are they congruent with your organization?”
  • Continuity means “thinking about our decisions on the longer term.”
  • Calculate before implementing.

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