TLNT Webinar

Let’s Get Real About Sexual Harassment

Date: Thu. January 11th, 2018 Length: 1 Hour Time: 2 PM ET

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Sexual harassment is a big concern in workplaces today and many people are realizing it is worse than we thought. Reading above the fold about high-profile allegations of sexual harassment can spawn more questions than answers for your organization.

For example, what do you do if one of your senior leaders is harassing someone? How can your organization support #metoo employees who may be experiencing mental health issues, including PTSD?

In addition to the above topics, our upcoming webinar will cover sexual harassment frameworks and other areas harassment can occur, such as when engaging with vendors and clients. The conversation will also touch on the role of social media as it relates to this topic.

Bring your questions and join employment attorneys Eric B. Meyer and Heather Bussing for a lively, practical, and down-to-earth discussion of current sexual harassment issues.

For a deeper dive into these issues TLNT will be hosting the Workplace Harassment Summit on January 29th in New York City to explore what HR can do to stop sexual harassment at work. Learn more and join us.

Sorry, this webinar has ended.