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Leveraging Talent Ambassadors: Doubling Applications, Showcasing Culture in a Tough Market

Jan 11, 2024
7:00 PM UTC
1 Hour
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Presented by:
Allison McCuthceon Barcz
April Lopinot
Allison McCuthceon Barcz 
and April Lopinot

Keeley Construction, a renowned construction company with six offices and well over 1200 employees nationwide, wasn’t able to attract enough talent to keep up with their rapid growth. Whats more, they were missing opportunities to showcase their incredible, award winning culture to candidates during the hiring process.

By working with Largely to develop a talent ambassador program to leverage the stories of their team members, Keeley was able to more than double the amount of applications received in just over three months, as well as level up their candidate experience to better compete in a challenging market.

Join Allison McCutcheon Barcz, Co-founder at Largely, as she talks with April Lopinot, Chief People Officer at Keeley Construction to learn more.

Key takeaways include:

  • Increase application rates by leveraging employee stories.
  • Build your employer brand by showcasing the talent and personalities of your team.
  • How to scale authentic, human connection in your recruiting efforts.
  • Bring these stories into your existing tech stack.
  • Where to look for additional opportunities to bring the voice of your team into your employer branding.
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About the speakers
Allison McCuthceon Barcz

Allison McCuthceon Barcz



Allison McCuthceon Barcz is an innovative, high-energy Talent Acquisition Leader known for her insightful approach. With a wealth of experience in crafting and implementing attraction and acquisition strategies, Allison drives large-scale transformational changes within organizations. Her passion lies in nurturing talent, analyzing data for informed decisions, fostering collaborative solutions, and exhibiting a determined focus on accomplishing objectives.
April Lopinot

April Lopinot

Chief People Officer

Keeley Companies

April Lopinot leads the esteemed Keeley Companies People Operations Group, overseeing Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and People Development. This comprehensive division encompasses Strategic Planning (KeeleyWay), Learning & Development (KeeleyU), Diversity & Inclusion (KeeleyOne), and Health & Wellness (KeeleyLife). Her adept leadership ensures a seamless, world-class experience across the entire Keeley'n lifecycle, spanning recruitment through retirement, for prominent entities such as Keeley Companies, Keeley Construction Group, Keeley Properties, and Keeley Restoration Services. Additionally, her strategic oversight extends to serving other enterprises within Keeley’s capital investment portfolio.