What If Everyone Had a Personal Coach at Work?

What’s better than a performance review?

If you said a poke in the eye, you’d be right there with the vast majority of workers. Kris McGuigan says 4 out of 5 workers say their performance evaluations aren’t working. She didn’t mention this to her DisruptHR Cleveland audience, but there are plenty of studies that show managers, too, think they are a waste of time.

So what’s to be done? By now, everyone in HR has heard that regular feedback and coaching are the answer. McGuigan, a resume writer and career advisor at her own firm, Professional Courage, has a slide in her 5-minute presentation showing that 63% of companies with a strong coaching culture have revenue growth above their peer group. TLNT has had dozens of articles about this.

“Coaching, unlike metrics alone, helps to foster a growth mindset. It increases our resilience; decreases our stress, and emphasizes accountability,” McGuigan says, reminding the HR professionals who are her audience of something they have undoubtedly heard and read. What makes her presentation so compelling is the story she tells about herself.

After having a child, she worked at losing the weight from her pregnancy. He doctor told her she was “doing fairly average with my weight loss, but my performance needed improvement.” Her husband bought her a treadmill.

This didn’t work. “See, I was looking for someone to encourage me. To walk alongside me on my journey,” she explained. She hired a personal trainer who provided motivation and guidance, and it make the difference. “What if we had personal trainers in the office? What if we had people that brought focus and accountability to our work goals?… Help us to unleash our professional potential?” she asked. And had them work with everyone in the organization.

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Developing that culture can start with you, McGuigan says. Take 5 minutes to hear how; to get inspired to begin developing a coaching culture where you work — and avoid that poke in the eye.

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