What Is HR’s Role In the Future of Work?

Alexandra Levit has glimpsed the future of work, and it looks much like what we’ve been hearing: More automation, a growing contractor workforce, and a premium on creativity.

How she sees HR fitting into the future is different from what you may have thought. In her “Three C’s Of The Future Of Work,” HR will be an assembler of talent, a facilitator of collaboration, a customizer of work, and a promoter of creative solutions.

Speaking last fall at a DisruptHR Chicago meeting, Levit described the trends in her three Cs — Collaboration, Customization and Creativity — that are already underway, and shared a look at how HR will change to meet the challenges they pose.

“We, as HR professionals, have the ability to disrupt our operations TODAY, so that the trends of the future aren’t just affecting us – but that we’re actually shaping them.”

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