Your Execs Think More of HR Than Does Everyone Else

Admit it: You care what people think about you. While we haven’t figured out what your neighbors or friends are thinking, we can tell you what people think about HR.

Earlier this year, BambooHR asked more than 1,000 employees what they thought about HR at their organizations. Here are a few interesting insights from the results:

Executives have the most positive perceptions of HR —  Across the board, executives report the most positive perceptions of their HR departments. Thanks to the knowledge and support that HR provides for the organization, the C-suite is more satisfied with HR than managers or employees are.

Older employees have the least positive perceptions of HR — As employees age, their perception of HR declines, with those over 55 reporting the least positive opinions of their HR departments. Perhaps years of bad HR practices — like ineffective performance reviews and lack of transparency — have led to distrust and a perception that HR exists merely to cover the company’s, uh, assets.

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Organizations with highly capable HR teams have other positive employee outcomes. Most employees who reported that their HR team was highly capable also felt highly engaged, committed to their organizations, and more. While this survey shows a correlation and not a causation, it’s obvious that effective HR and effective employees go hand in hand.

See the full survey here.

Kelsie Davis is an HR insights specialist for BambooHR, the leading online HR software used by over 11,000 businesses in more than 100 countries worldwide. Her mission is to help HR create more strategic and impactful initiatives. She does this by researching, analyzing, and writing about all things HR—particularly topics helping HR professionals engage, attract, and maintain employees. Because of their unique ability to influence the most fragile and important asset a company has—it’s employees—Kelsie believes HR professionals are crucial to company success.

Kelsie studied Communication Studies and Journalism at Utah State University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude before pursuing a career in marketing. Kelsie writes frequently for BambooHR’s blog and has written for HR publications such as Talent Culture, TLNT, and

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