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John Hollon is Vice President for Editorial of, and the former Editor of Workforce Management magazine and An award-winning journalist, John has written extensively about HR, talent management, leadership, and smart business practices. Contact him at, and follow him on Twitter at

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HR News & Trends

Weekly Wrap: The 15 Scariest Issues Employers Are Facing This Year

Who can possibly resist something that touts the Scariest Employment Challenges of 2015: 15 Issues Employers Cannot Afford to Ignore?

Not me. This is something I can really dig my teeth into, and it is an annual survey report put together by XpertHR, the website that provides online compliance tools and guidance for HR professionals.

It’s also a pretty good analysis of workplace trends, and that’s important to remember despite the provocative title. As I pointed out when I wrote about this report last year, I get lots of surveys and reports that have ominous-sounding titles, but most don’t hold up to focused scrutiny. Read more…

TLNT Events

What You’ll Get at the HPW Summit: Great Leaders, But Great Thinkers, Too


Here is one thing that is clear about TLNT’s High Performance Workforce Summit May 6-7 in Atlanta: It’s a conference filled with great talent management leaders who will share their insights about how to build and maintain a high performance workforce.

I’m talking about people like Jeri Buchholz, Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA; Stacey Valy Panayiotou, Vice President for Global Talent & Development at Coke; Kevin Wilde, Chief Learning Officer at General Mills; and, Dr. Valeria Stokes, CHRO & Chief Diversity Officer at the American Bar Association. They are just some of the many great talent management leaders on the agenda.

But, as great as all those speakers are, the High Performance Workforce Summit is also about great HR and talent management thinkers as well. Read more…

HR News & Trends

Weekly Wrap: Employees Are an Asset? Yes, MORE Workplace Trends For 2015

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I know, I know — we’re only two weeks into the New Year and you have already gotten a boatload of workplace predictions and trends for 2015.

That’s what happens when we roll in to a new year, and if you haven’t had enough already, here is one more list of them, courtesy of the The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated:

Here are their Top Workplace Trends for 2015: Read more…

TLNT Events

4 Great Reasons to Attend TLNT’s High Performance Workforce Summit


Here’s something you might not know: Last year’s TLNT High Performance Workforce Summit had one of the highest attendee ratings of any conference ever put on by ERE Media.

Yes, it was such a critical success that we are bringing the event back again.

As someone who has attended literally hundreds of conferences, most of them in the HR space, it was my goal to make the High Performance Workforce Summit unique and different from any other talent management event out there.

So with that, here are four (4) great reasons why you need to attend TLNT’s 2015 High Performance Workforce Summit May 6-7 in Atlanta: Read more…

HR News & Trends

Weekly Wrap: Expecting a Solid Raise in 2015? Don’t Hold Your Breath

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For five years now, I have been writing stories based on consultants and analysts projections of what kind of raises businesses are planning to give employees in the coming year.

And for five years, I have been reading these salary surveys and writing the same thing: raises next year will be about 3 percent.

Yes, one of the defining characteristics of our mediocre economic recovery has been the miserly increase in employee pay even as businesses recovered and recorded record profits. Read more…

Best of TLNT

More Employers Not Hiring Due to What They Find on Social Media


Editor’s NoteIt’s a TLNT holiday tradition to count down the most popular posts of the year. This is No. 6. Our regular content will return next Monday.

CareerBuilder does a lot of surveys. Some of them are fun and some are silly, but sometimes, they have one that reveals something that makes you sit up and pay attention.

This is one of those attention-getting ones. Read more…

HR News & Trends

Weekly Wrap: Coping With the Most Stressful Time of the Year

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Editor’s note: This is the last Weekly Wrap for this year. We’ll return again in January 2015. 

Everyone knows that the end of the year holidays are the most stressful time of the year, and that makes for the most stressful season at work as well.

But, just how stressful is it? A new survey from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Pulse tried to find out.

According to the recently released report Tis the Season For Stress: The Holiday’s Impact on Employees’ Health & Happiness (& What It Means For Employers), here is how stressful it seems to be: Read more…

TLNT Events

How to Accelerate the Development of High Potential Employees


It’s a question that many HR and talent management leaders find themselves asking: How can I accelerate the development of my high potential employees?

Most find that this is tough to answer — unless you have been through it before.

And, that’s where Kevin Wilde, the Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer at General Mills, comes in.  Read more…

Classic TLNT

Enforced Holiday Fun: A 100% Preventable Employee-Morale Issue


Editor’s Note: The holiday season is here, and TLNT is again getting into the spirit with some classic past holiday posts. Look for them until Christmas Eve.

I’ve seen many a workplace holiday season come and go, and with another one upon us, I wonder: Why does writing this make me feel like Scrooge lecturing Bob Cratchit?

Here’s the deal: I have worked in lots of offices where some of the staff really got into holiday planning and making sure that everyone was involved in the festivities.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but one of the problems that crops up during the holiday season time and time again is that all that holiday fun can get in the way of getting real, live work done. Read more…

HR News & Trends

Weekly Wrap: Workplace Holiday “Gifts” – If You Stretch the Definition

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Leave it to the most recent CareerBuilder annual holiday survey to zero in on a completely meaningless but totally fascinating bit of workplace intelligence — the most unusual gifts they have received from a co-worker during the holiday season.

See if you agree that these are, as CareerBuilder’s press release puts it, a creative “definition of the word ‘gift:’ ”

  • A box of Hot Pockets;
  • A chess piece (just one piece, not a set);
  • A fire extinguisher; Read more…