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Lessons on Mission and Purpose From the NHL Playoffs


The National Hockey League playoffs kicked off this week, and they have me thinking about the way talent and culture is managed in hockey, and, what both employees and employers can learn from it.

In good hockey organizations, talent and culture are a shared responsibility across all layers of the org chart.

  • General manager’s fill locker-rooms with the right talent at the right price against the salary cap. Read more…
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Survey Shows the Criminal Offenses That Concern Employers Most


Nearly 600 human resources professionals told EmployeeScreenIQ about how they use employment background checks to make hiring decisions and their candid feedback is detailed in the just-released, fifth annual survey of U.S. based employers.

The new report looks at how companies manage the process of employment screening, their practices concerning Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) guidance, candidates’ self-disclosure of criminal records and how they address adverse findings.

In the past few years, the EmployeeScreenIQ Trends Survey has become a benchmark many employers use to evaluate their background screening policies and practices. This year’s survey provides a unique cross-section of opinions and insights from an assortment of organizations and is critical for HR professionals that want to learn about what their industry peers are doing. Read more…


5 Steps to Align Culture to Get Your Employee’s Strategic Buy-In

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Culture eats strategy… strategy trumps culture… on which side of the culture/strategy divide do you fall?

I’ve written about this before, and I tend to side with culture – primarily because culture drives the behaviors of individuals who are the one that achieve your strategy (or not). But culture is the driving force.

Regardless of where you stand, it’s undeniable culture and strategy are deeply intertwined in organizations large and small, global or local, public or private, for-profit or non-profit. Read more…

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I’ll Say It Again: We Need to Get Rid of Resumes and Job Descriptions


Editor’s Note: Sometimes readers ask about past TLNT articles. That’s why we republish a Classic TLNT post every Friday.

As some of you may know, I think the continued use of traditional, skills-infested job descriptions prevents companies from hiring the best talent available.

By default, they wind up hiring the best person who applies.

That’s the same reason I’m against the indiscriminate use of assessment tests. While these tests are good confirming indicators of on-the-job performance, they’re poor predictors of it (square the correlation coefficient to get a sense of any test’s predictive value). Read more…

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How to Build & Maintain a Loyal Team in Today’s Workplace

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“I’ll take 50 percent efficiency to get 100 percent loyalty.” — Samuel Goldwyn, American movie mogul.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, loyalty is as loyalty does.

In recent years, some business leaders have bemoaned the death of old-fashioned employee loyalty, as workers realize that technology has freed them from some workplace restraints.

Many have also decided they can get farther faster by jumping from one company to another, rather than by working their way through the hierarchy of one organization. Read more…

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Like It or Not, Pay Transparency Is Coming (So Better Get Ready)


Yes, the big focus today on pay transparency is political.

The history of the Paycheck Fairness Act is a dead giveaway – it was proposed by Senate Democrats last Wednesday and filibustered again by Republicans just as it was in the two preceding election years, 2010 and 2012.

The legislation has no chance of passage in the current Congress, but it’s almost certain Democrats will do their best to keep the idea in the headlines. Advocates undoubtedly will as well. Read more…

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Homing From Work? It Also Means You’re Working From Home

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Every year we get stupid business phrases that become part of our lexicon:

  • Use it or lose it!
  • Necessary evil
  • A seat at the table
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Silo mentality
  • At the end of the day…”

For 2014 I’m calling it – “Homing from Work!” Read more…

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It’s Time For Us to Be Brutally Honest About HR

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Fast Company has a very cute article titled “Person With the Twitter Password,” and Other Brutally Honest Versions of Your Job Title.”

I smiled through “Brand Ambassador = Professional Conference Attendee,” and “Social Media Strategist = Person with the Twitter password.” I suppose that since I do not work in one of those professions, I could chuckle a bit, understanding the subtle poke at their work.

Then I came to “HR Director = Gossip Coordinator/Instigator.” Aw no;  that’s hitting below the belt. That is the antithesis of everything that anyone in Human Resources hopes to be. Read more…

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What Do You Do When Your Boss Is Unethical?

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The other day, someone asked me about the last time my ethics had been tested at work and how I reacted.

I wasn’t sure how to respond. It’s a good question, and I wanted to answer it. Still, I hesitated to reveal too much about some of the less-than-honest bosses I’ve reported to in the last two decades.

These are bosses who lied, gossiped about their staff to other staff, broke confidences, fudged numbers to governmental agencies, botched payroll tax withholdings and covered it up, and willfully and recklessly turned a blind eye to leadership abuse — for starters. Read more…

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What Is Engagement Worth? Amazon’s Pay to Quit May Let Us Know

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The cost of turnover is estimated at 150 percent of an employee’s annual salary. But what if you could spend just $5,000 to find out which of your employees are engaged, and which ones are thinking of leaving?

That’s what Amazon is trying with its new “Pay to Quit” initiative, an unorthodox retention method borrowed from Zappos, another online retailer and Amazon subsidiary. Read more…