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Linda K. Stevens is a partner in the Chicago office of the law firm Schiff Hardin LLP. Her practice encompasses the drafting and enforcement of non-competes and other restrictive covenants, and the resolution – both in court and outside of court -- of disputes regarding non-competes and confidential information. Contact her at

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Beware the Outdated Form: Updating Older Non-Compete Agreements

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By Linda K. Stevens

Non-compete covenants appear in an increasing number of employment-related contracts.

The language used in these covenants has become familiar, and many view it as “boilerplate.” Indeed, most HR departments use standard forms or templates when a non-compete or non-disclosure covenant is needed.

Unfortunately, such forms often contain dated language, and such language can pose risk. Developments in the legal, technological, and business landscape have rendered some older non-compete boilerplate language less effective, and potentially less enforceable. Read more…