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Mel Kleiman, CSP, is an internationally-known authority on recruiting, selecting, and hiring hourly employees. He has been the president of Humetrics since 1976 and has over 30 years of practical experience, research, consulting and professional speaking work to his credit. Contact him at

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Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: When Your First Choice Isn’t Your Best Choice


You only have one opening and two good candidates, but one stands out.

You hire that one, and it is now six months later and you’re forced to admit that you made a mistake.

It’s time to cut your losses, start over, and look for a replacement.

But, maybe not, IF you handled the second-choice candidate well. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Do You Have a Good Answer to This One?


What do you say if a job applicant asks you this?

What makes this company a great place to work? What outside evidence (rankings/awards) do you have to prove this is a great place to work? What is the company going to do in the next year to make it better?” Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Why Do Recruiters Keep Measuring the Wrong Things?


Look at the metrics most recruiters track below and tell me which ones are truly important.

  • Time to fill;
  • Number of applicants;
  • Number of job offers;
  • Cost per hire;
  • Time to start; Read more…
Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: What Can You Learn from Your Last Hiring Mistake?


Every poor performer and bad hire can be traced to a flaw in the hiring system and represents an opportunity to improve that system.

Think about your most recent unsatisfactory hiring decision and ask yourself:

  1. What is the specific reason this person is unsatisfactory?
  2. If it’s an attitude problem (which it most often is), does your system include attitude testing and/or do you ask interview questions that explore attitudes. When you checked references, did you ask about attitude? Read more…
Rewards & Recognition, Talent Management

Hiring Wisdom: 10 Ways to Motivate Your Team (and Have Fun, Too)


These are some of the best low (or no) cost ways to encourage peak performance from your workforce:

  1. Don’t forget birthdays and employment anniversaries. (Sheet cakes are cheap.)
  2. Give them business cards.
  3. Give them a new job title. Read more…
Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Engagement Stats Show We’re Not Getting Anywhere


Look at the co-worker to your left. Now, to your right. At least one of them hates their job.

Maybe you do, too.

According to a recent Gallup survey of 5.4 million working adults, 52 percent say they are not engaged in their work. They limp to work, toiling without passion.

That’s half the workforce! Another 18 percent describe themselves as “actively disengaged” — disgruntled and spreading bitterness among co-workers. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: “Experience Needed.” Oh Really?


Count yourself as fortunate if you’re NOT among the scores of employers desperately searching to fill the nationwide shortages of truck drivers, nurses, and industrial construction workers. But don’t start feeling smug either.

The trends indicate a greater demand for workers than can be supplied because of Baby Boomer retirements and the declining growth rate of the working-age population (just 0.15 percent to 0.25 percent per year, down from 0.3 percent to 0.4 percent in recent years). Six of 12 major urban areas tracked are also reporting shortages of unskilled, entry-level, frontline workers right now. Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Everything You Do (or Don’t Do) Reflects on Your Brand


The No. 1 complaint of job applicants is the unresponsiveness of potential employers.

Applicants jump through all the required hoops and then aren’t even extended the courtesy of a “thanks, but no thanks” email.

If you believe you don’t have the time and it isn’t worth it to keep applicants in the loop, have you ever considered that many of them could now or someday soon be potential customers? Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing, Talent Management

Making Sure Things Are Done Right vs. Doing the Right Things


I was recently working with a client and went to visit to a competitor’s store to see about recruiting some potential employees.

When I got some great customer service from the person behind the counter and asked if she might be interested in working elsewhere, she got mad at me because, as it turns out, she was the manager and she did not appreciate my attempt to recruit their employees.

While I can certainly appreciate her feelings, I realized that here we had a $50,000 a year manager doing a $10.00 an hour job. Yes, you may need to help out from time to time, but how can you believe you’re saving either time or money by doing a job that someone else could and should be doing? Read more…

Recruiting and Staffing

Hiring Wisdom: Make Sure You Don’t Let the Great Ones Get Away


Unemployment is coming down and, even if it weren’t, great employees always have their choice of employers.

Case in point: I got some great service at a restaurant in the Indianapolis airport the other day. Molly was over the top.

I took a moment to ask her if she liked working at the airport. She told me she had moved to town three weeks earlier and had started the job just a week ago. Read more…