A Welcome From Your New Editor

Hi, I’m Lance Haun, the new editor of TLNT. It’s not every day a person gets to come back to a place where they helped launch a publication as a contributing editor. My first post nearly a decade ago was about how teams still matter in an era of seeking “A” players. That’s still true, by the way.

Now, 300+ posts and a short, seven-year stopover at The Starr Conspiracy later, I’m back at ERE Media and excited to be covering the HR industry full-time once again. John Hollon and John Zappe have built something special here at TLNT over the last ten years and I want to continue to build on the work they’ve done.

I’m a big believer in the potential of modern HR and people practices. I’ve been in the trenches as an HR leader and practitioner and know the challenges first hand about getting there. I’ve talked to thousands of HR professionals and heard their stories over the past 15 years. TLNT wants to be the best possible resource for those embracing that ambitious future.

Editorial Mission and Vision

Here at TLNT, we will continue to double down on the areas that really matter to HR leaders building a modern workforce, including:

  • Research and trends: Our research arm is going strong and will continue to get better, with even more reports coming out soon. We’ll continue tracking and reporting on the latest research and trends that keep modern HR and people practices informed and educated.
  • Breaking news and analysis: We’ll continue to uncover stories that matter to anyone building a people practice, including features you can’t read anywhere else. Our analysis will cover how the news of the day impacts people building the HR departments of today and tomorrow in practical ways.
  • People development: People are at the heart of every organization and the best organizations are in the midst of transforming how they manage and develop them. We’ll cover this transformation in depth.
  • Culture and organizational development: But it’s not just individual development that is critical to a modern HR. Organizational development and the act of building intentional, inclusive cultures are now a mandate of all leadership in many organizations.
  • HR and work technology: The role of technology has changed and it’s not just HR technology. Work technology influences everything, from how people collaborate and work together, to the culture organizations are supporting.
  • Future of work: Leaders building the future need visionaries that are looking past the constraints of today. We want to highlight the people and companies laying out the vision of modern HR in tangible ways as well.

Got a Story Idea? Want to Get Involved?

I want to hear from HR leaders, especially those who want to share their stories and ideas. We’re always looking for new contributors, pitches, and articles (see our editorial guidelines for more information). I’m also just happy to hear feedback about what we’re doing right and where we’re missing the mark.

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For pitches, story or research ideas, tips, and other feedback, you can reach me directly at lance@tlnt.com. Do you have a sensitive tip and don’t want to use e-mail? Install Signal and send a confidential note from a non-work device to our account at +1 503-840-8832 or DM me on Twitter. We take all tips seriously and while no communication system is completely secure, we offer several options to get in touch as anonymously as possible.

Finally, we encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, join our LinkedIn group to discuss HR and workplace issues, and subscribe to our daily newsletter.

Lance Haun is the editor of TLNT. He first joined ERE Media in 2010 as community director and contributing editor for TLNT, eventually becoming editor of our sister publication SourceCon and an occasional contributor at ERE. In between his first and second stint at ERE, he spent seven years as a consultant, writer, and researcher for The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency that focuses on the HCM market. Prior to 2010, he worked full-time as an HR leader and moonlighted as a freelance writer and blogger. You can reach him directly at lance@tlnt.com.