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Aug 2, 2022

On episode 102 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss hiring reality TV stars, ghosting of new hires, and if ghosting in the dating world is seeping into the work world.

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Show Highlights:

1:30 – JLee asks the crew what they’ve been watching recently. Madeline tried watching Ozark again because she wasn’t into it the first time.

3:15 – Now for the trash TV! Madeline and JLee are watching The Ultimatum and are loving it.

7:45 – JLee is really curious about who the people on reality TV shows do in their real lives. She asks the crew if being on a reality show disqualifies them from being hired for a job.

11:30 – Tim is concerned about retention because he assumes this type of person is just waiting for the next big show to come around.

15:00 – Tim mentions that this is similar to star college athletes that may not be good enough to go pro. He says that those who stay local may have that past celebrity status.

16:45 – JLee found an article in The Wall Street Journal about the rise of ghosting with new hires. Madeline mentions that she thinks we’re going to see this for a bit longer but may pass when or if a recession hits.

21:30 – Tim got killed on Twitter for talking about the importance of a 2 week notice. He says that ghosting your employer will follow you.

25:00 – Tim demoed a new pre-boarding software that gives a buddy to a new hire to hopefully retain the new employees at your organization.

28:00 – Madeline wonders if mental health is playing a factor with new hires not showing up for onboarding especially with the heightened struggles of the last 2 years.

32:00 – The article discusses how a younger generation is used to ghosting in the dating world and it could be seeping into the work world. JLee wonders if they’re grasping with this extrapolation.



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