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Jan 28, 2015

Back in November 2010, asked me to write a post on a hot topic at that time — a “Candidate Bill of Rights.”

Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of a Candidate Bill of Rights.

I’m a capitalist and believe in a free-market system of HR and recruiting, and back in 2010 (remember those days?) we had candidates coming out of our ears.

Here in 2015, most of us are begging for talent. Welcome to the show kids!

Here were my main points back then, and what they still are today:

For Candidates …

You Don’t Have To Apply:

  • If we have a crappy working environment – you don’t have to apply;
  • If we don’t pay appropriately for the market – you don’t have to apply;
  • If we don’t give employees opportunities for growth – you don’t have to apply;
  • If we don’t treat you like a human – you don’t have to apply;
  • If we don’t give you a full job description – you don’t have to apply;
  • If we don’t tell you every step of the process – you don’t have to apply.

You Don’t Have To Work Here:

  • If we make you wait endlessly without any feedback – you don’t have to work here;
  • If we make you an offer that you don’t like – you don’t have to work here;
  • If we don’t offer the right work-life balance – you don’t have to work here;
  • If we give you a bad Candidate Experience – you don’t have to work here.

Decisions candidates need to make

Candidates — if any of the above is true, you have some decisions to make:

  1. Can I live with what I know about the company and the experience they put me through to get this offer?
  2. IF SO, do I want to come and work for the company?
  3. IF YES, I DO – welcome aboard, you’re coming on “Eyes Wide Open.”’
  4. IF NO, I DON’T – thanks and good luck; we’ll see you next time

You see we all have choices. If you don’t like the way I’m treating you as a candidate, don’t come and work at my company.

I would hope that most HR Pros are smart enough to get this fact: treat candidates like garbage and they’ll stop applying for your jobs, thus making your job all the more difficult. That might be a bit pie-in-the-sky thinking because I also know way too many HR/Talent Pros that don’t get this!

They have a little bit of power and have decided to torture candidates with painfully long and arduous application and selection processes that aren’t helpful to their own companies, statistically, and definitely aren’t helpful to the candidates.

Just treat candidates like you want to be treated

During a recession they don’t see much impact from these horrible processes, but eventually, the tide turns and face the results of their actions. Karma is a bitch!

So, do we need a Candidate Bill of Rights? No! Do you need to spend a ton of time, effort and resources on candidate experience? No, as well!

Don’t go right ditch-left ditch and start over correcting. Treat candidates like you would want to be treated. Have a few standards, and etiquette, and some manners.

It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, and you definitely don’t need to pay a consultant to show you how to do it!

Karma is biting a bunch of hack talent acquisition pros in the butt in 2015.

This was originally published on Tim Sackett’s blog, The Tim Sackett Project.

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