A New Year’s Message: Get Ready for a Knock-Your-Socks-Off 2011 at TLNT

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Jan 3, 2011
This article is part of a series called Letter From the Editor.

It’s been a cold, wet December here in Southern California, but New Year’s Day 2011 arrived the way it always does no matter how bad the weather is leading up to it — in typically bright and sunny fashion.

That’s to be expected, of course, because we wouldn’t want to disappoint all those people turning on their TVs expecting to see a perfect day for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl game.

That sunshine-filled tradition has become the norm for me on January 1, and it’s a reminder that this year I kick off a new annual tradition — another year of great HR and talent management content here on TLNT.

Now, we only launched TLNT back in mid-June — and yes, it seems like we have been around a lot longer to me, too — but it has been wonderful how so many of you have embraced us during the past six months.

Here’s what TLNT has to offer

It also goes to show that many of you want what TLNT has to offer — timely news, information, analysis, insight, and perspective into talent management, HR, and everything having to do with managing a workforce in today’s rapidly-changing world. There’s really no one else out there giving you that today, and the growing readership here at TLNT tells me that you want more of that.

We published a lot of great content here over the last six months, and our countdown last week of the Top 25 most popular posts from 2010 gives anyone new here a good sense of what kinds of things TLNT readers gravitate to — leadership and management insights, background on the things the SHRM Board is doing that they don’t seem to want to tell you about, how social media is impacting our working lives, and most anything about coping with Millennials and the younger members of our workforce.

It seems that you have also been gravitating to the many smart voices we have writing here at TLNT. They include:

More great content coming in 2011

As good as 2010 has been here at TLNT, there is a lot more coming in 2011 that you won’t want to miss. Consider the past six months as just the appetizer to get you ready for the really great meal to come throughout this year.

And one more thing: I love to hear from you about TLNT — what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of, or any other thought or comment you might have about what we are doing. You can always add your thoughts at the bottom of each TLNT post, or simply drop me an e-mail here at . I read and respond to just about all of them.

So, thanks again for reading TLNT, and for kicking off a new New Year’s tradition by taking some time to read what we have to offer here in early 2011. And get ready for a knock-your-socks-off  year, because there’s much more to come. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

This article is part of a series called Letter From the Editor.