An Engagement Checklist For Managers

May 9, 2016

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Study highlighted the single greatest thing you can do to increase employee engagement: hire the right managers. In fact, the study said that if you hire a manager who is disengaged, the group they manage is three times more likely to be disengaged.

Even if you hire the right, highly engaged managers, they still need to know, and do, the most effective things to bring their work group to higher, and hopefully best-in-class, levels of engagement. And even when they know these engagement management “to dos,” they often forget to implement them, or execute them consistently.

So why not give them a checklist? Well, I created one for you and them, based on a key driver analysis of millions of employee engagement survey responses. The following suggestions are in order of importance. The Management Employee Engagement Checklist has been used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, with great success.

Have you:

  • Put a reminder in your outlook calendar to carve out one hour each week to recognize employees who do great work or accomplish great outcomes?
  • Had a career development conversation with each of your direct reports during the last quarter?
    • During this conversation, did you ask them where they wanted to be in six months or a year and offer them help to achieve that career objective?
    • Also during this conversation, did you ask them what things get them passionate and excited about doing their job? Conversely, did you ask them what things disengage them while at work?
  • Asked them what their passions and hobbies are outside of work, showing a genuine interest while listening to their response? On a related note, the next time they do great work, give them a gift related to that passion or hobby (such as a paperback book).
  • Given your direct reports access to a free resource which will empower them to privately see how engaged they are, as well as get suggestions on what they can do to become more engaged. Here is a link to such a free resource.
  • Given them clear instructions and your expectations on what outcomes they should accomplish in their job?
  • Encouraged them to review a list of reflective questions to ensure they are in a job/role about which they can get excited and passionate? Here is a link to a free resource.
  • Found ways to insert more FUN into your department and workplace culture?

This checklist will prove useful to ensure that your managers are fully leveraging the key drivers of employee engagement. It is a best practice that managers should review this checklist every month. Let it work for you and your team!